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Living your garden in Cleveland

Living your garden in Cleveland

Living your garden in Cleveland . In recent months our gardens have made us happy. There was a collective realization that happiness and freedom are just across our bay window. Having a huge park is great fun, but a cozy little garden is great too. Size does not matter, only the layout is important or even essential.
The trend is towards the development of several spaces in the same place: a dining area to share delicious moments, a sunny place to chill in a swimsuit, a vegetable garden for the pleasure of cultivating the land, a shady place to relax. relax and the must: a private water point to cool off! All without much maintenance, please!
“A landscaper by training and heart, the environment that surrounds us enchants us throughout the seasons … Nature lovers, the garden is for us a real living room. As such, we see it as a place of conviviality, exchange, relaxation and wonder … Whatever your project, we are there to make your Garden Dream a reality. ”

Very vegetal and natural, this garden evolves in a preserved setting on the edge of the Lake Erie. The owners called on Landscaping Cleveland ( searching for landscapers near me ) to integrate a swimming pool while respecting the natural aspect of the garden. For this project, noble and natural materials have imposed themselves in order to create a relaxation area that blends harmoniously with its environment. With great care, Landscaping Cleveland has installed granite copings around the swimming pool and designed dry stone walls. The wooden terraces and the ambient lighting enhance this natural space dedicated to relaxation.
In its intervention the team installed an automatic watering system and a veneer sod for a finished rendering as soon as the work was finished. When the work was handed over, there was the feeling that the garden had always been so resplendent, the result of top-of-the-range work with in-depth finishing of the details.

This site was carried out on a new building where the land was completely bare. The owners of the house, originally from Akron – wanted a contemporary and modern garden while keeping the natural and living spirit of plants. The objective was also to intimidate the outdoor living areas by breaking up the vis-à-vis neighboring houses.
The marriage between graphic plants and more fluid plants has given life to a welcoming family garden, while minimizing maintenance interventions.

Living your garden in Cleveland .

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